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Welcome To Sahti!

Hello and welcome to Sahti Health!

We’re pleased to have you here, and to be able to share our passion for nutrition with you and your pets!!!


Our desire to create Sahti was fueled by a need for dog food that uses real nutritive food, not fillers and supplements. Too many large dog food manufacturers use filler ingredients to make dogs feel full, but don’t provide any real nutrition.

Because of the wholesome ingredients we put into Sahti dog food, it has more calories per cup than normal dog food, and actually has the nutrients your dog needs to maintain a healthy life.

Sahti dog food is full of helpful nutrients called phytochemicals and prebiotics that help dogs in many ways.? They can strengthen the immune system, lower your dog’s cholesterol, and ultimately help them live a longer, more joyful life with you.


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We love to hear from our friends and customers, and share information about how we can all take better care of our pets, ourselves, and the planet!



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