Thriving Metabolism

When we hear about metabolism, it?s usually in the context of its role in weight gain (or loss). But metabolism is much more than that: it encompasses everything about how we process, use, or eliminate what enters our bodies. The same holds true for dogs.

Our formula helps dogs regulate what their bodies do with fats and carbohydrates better and in a more consistent manner than the competitor formulations we tested. We want to help your dog get the most out of each meal, each day.

Balanced Nutrition

We use nutrient-dense whole ingredients so that dogs can get the nutrition they need to thrive. By pairing this formula with a Sahti-prescribed feeding plan, we can effectively address issues like canine obesity.

Sustainable Health

Since day one, Sahti has sought to do good for people, pets, and the planet.


Sustainable Ingredients

Some of the most bountiful whole foods in our formula are not only healthy for dogs, they?re also great for the planet. Crops vary widely in terms of how much fresh water they use, how much pesticide they require, and what condition they leave the soil in. The legumes included in Sahti?s formula are champions in all three categories. They use less water, less pesticide, and actually return nitrogen to the soil they are grown in. Dry beans have a lower water use footprint than animal proteins they replace in this dog food. This means that Sahti dog food provides a win-win-win scenario for people, pets, and the planet.

Multi Life Bag

If you?ve seen our dog food bag, you have noticed it?s quite different than others.

Our food is packaged in a durable, high quality cotton tote because we want it to have many useful purposes rather than simply being thrown away.

You can use the bag for groceries, sports equipment, or other items. You can give spare bags to your friends and neighbors. Or, you can donate bags to one of the many places that can put them to good use, like a charity, school, or sports team. If you have an idea for how to reincarnate your Sahti bag, please share it with us!