Our Story

Our name, ?Sahti? is adapted from an ancient Sanskrit word which means ?companion.? We chose this name because we believe that every person and pet has the potential to live a long joyful life, and the right companion can make it possible. Our mission is to be that companion for anyone who wants to get the most out of life. We have a simple philosophy: if we eat the right food in the right form and combination, we can prevent or significantly reduce the risk of many diseases. We recognize that this philosophy requires hypothesis driven research and currently has limited scientifically proven evidence.

That is why Dr. Elizabeth Ryan?a wife, mother, yogi and outdoor enthusiast, activist, and world-renowned scientist?has devoted her life to the study of sustainable nutrition to improve overall health. She is an expert in toxicology and oncology with specialized training in nutrition. Her research on sustainable foods is supported by: the National Institutes of Health,the National Institute of Food and Agriculture,the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Colorado State University. Dr. Ryan is also the co-founder of Sahti.

In studying how to help humans (and our pets) live healthy and joyful lives, Dr. Ryan has shown through clinical studies that health outcomes significantly improve when people get more of their nutrition from certain plant-based sources. Increasing consumption of these plant-based foods helps to prevent and control colon cancer formation, regulate blood lipids, and block diarrhea and malnutrition.

But it?s not just about preventing diseases?these foods taste great and give us the energy to live fulfilling and joyful lives.


At Sahti, we are developing a range of highly nutritious, delicious, and sustainable foods.?


Sahti represents the culmination of everything we know about holistic medicine, sustainable farming, nutrition, and good living. Most importantly, it represents our belief that humans and dogs are part of one family.

*source: National Geographic