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  • Ribs, spine and bony protrusions are easily seen at a distance. These pets have lost muscle mass and there is no observable body fat. Emaciated, bony and starved in appearance.

  • Ribs, spine and other bones are easily felt. These pets have an obvious waist when viewed from above and an abdominal tuck. Thin, lean or skinny in appearance.

  • Ribs and spine are easily felt but not necessarily seen. There is a waist when viewed from above and the abdomen is raised and not sagging when viewed from the side. Normal, ideal and often muscular in appearance.

  • Ribs and spine are hard to feel or count underneath fat deposits. Waist is distended or often pear shaped when viewed from above. The abdomen sags when seen from the side.

  • Large fat deposits over the chest, back, tail base and hindquarters. The abdomen sags prominently and there is no waist when viewed from above. The chest and abdomen often appear distended or swollen, obese.

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  • Never switch your dog’s diet from one food to any other overnight. This can temporarily cause diarrhea in some dogs until they adjust to the new diet.
  • Gradually replace parts of the old diet with the new one over 5-7 days.
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